Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Going forward

The big states yet to vote are Ohio and Texas (Mar. 4) and Pennsylvania (Apr. 22). Hillary has the support of both governors Strickland (OH) and Rendell (PA). What should be news right now is that despite his huge victory in South Carolina, Obama was only able to fight Hillary to a draw. Now the race heads to states far more friendly to Hillary: Texas with it's large number of hispanic voters, and Pennsylvania and Ohio with their large numbers of white, middle class, blue collar voters.

Point is, Obama was at his peak heading into Super Tuesday after a big win in South Carolina and a lot of negative press surrounding the Clintons. Yet, couldn't win a single large state. This isn't to suggest he can't go on to win, but the media might, for once try analyzing this race from some place other than David Axlerod's mustache.

...I just realized that I pretty much echo a Mark Penn press release from earlier today. But what he says is true. Despite the enormous media hoopla after both Obama's Iowa win and South Carolina victory, he simply hasn't lived up to the hype when the actual voting takes place.

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