Sunday, January 13, 2008

Obama Coverage

One thing that's struck me the past few days - and perhaps it's partially due to Hillary winning New Hampshire - but much of the coverage is still directed at Hillary and the Clintons. Even after an 8 point Iowa win and a very close second in New Hampshire and a string of prominent endorsements this week, Obama does not receive nearly the attention that Hillary does. Early in the campaign cycle that clearly hurt him, but now, I think it clearly helps. We're constantly being forced to have an opinion on the last thing Hillary did or said, whereas Obama flys by, under the radar. A great example is in today's New York Times in an article detailing Hillary's new campaign finance structure. Buried at the end of the seventh paragraph is this line:
    Mr. Obama has similar efforts underway as well.

Why is Hillary's campaign finance efforts more newsworthy? Even if, as I suspect, Hillary's people are feeding this information about a long, post Feb.5 primary fight in an effort to game expectations, it's still curious as to why the New York Times would consider its readers so much more interested in her new finance operation as opposed to Obama's. Why not make an effort to balance the story with details from the Obama campaign about what they're up to?

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