Friday, January 25, 2008

Um, no

Sorry, but this guy is an idiot:
    “Bill Clinton seems to not be in his traditional mode,” said Jack Bass, an authority on Southern politics at the College of Charleston, who has observed Mr. Clinton for more than 30 years. “I’ve just never seen these negative emotions in public before. I know he has a temper, but this confrontational attitude with journalists, and the anger itself, is surprising to me.”
Do I really need to refute this? What about Big Dog's interview on Fox early last year where he excoriated Chris Wallace? Or there were his numerous run-ins with the media and Ken Starr during the Lewinsky scandal. It's hardly a secret that Bill Clinton has strong emotions and isn't afraid to air them out in public. If we're going to waste all this ink and spend all this oxygen demanding that our politicians tell us what they really think then let's not bash a guy who gets a little hot under the collar while defending his wife, mmmk?

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