Saturday, January 5, 2008

Recent blogging

I realize a number of my posts prior to Thursday condemned the media for not sufficiently puffing up what looked like a Hillary surge in Iowa. The only poll that really offered any proof that Obama in fact was ahead and by a considerable amount was the final DMR poll. And it proved to be almost perfectly on the mark. Still, it's difficult in close races to know which things to follow, polls or press perception. And had the media been more honest in describing Hillary's strengths (as reflected in the polling) as opposed to her weaknesses in the days and weaks prior to caucus night it's possible the results would have been quite different last Thursday.

Still, the notion emanating from the Clinton campaign, particularly Bill Clinton, is that Hillary's loss it the press' fault. From a campaign that was so adept at managing the media early in the race I find it hard to imagine they've all just decided to blame the press.

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