Saturday, November 24, 2007

Campaign Wire

For the first time in weeks, several largely positive stories about Hillary are out there today. With more Iowa polling likely being done this weekend, we are perhaps seeing the leading edge of Conventional Wisdom beginning to shift to a narrative that describes why and how Hillary's campaign has remained strong after several weeks of being under sustained attack

Boston Globe: Blue-collar women see hope in Clinton

WaPo: Clinton Team Is Quick to Bat Down Rumors

And over at The Page, Markie-Mark continues to describe Hillary as the most likely next president and wishes her a "suit of armor" to withstand the continued onslaught from Republicans and her Democratic opponents alike.

...adding, it also seems like the political media has finally woken up to the fact that the fluidity of the Republican race is more interesting to cover right now than the Democratic race (the sudden Huckabee rise, Ron Paul's internet boom, Mittman's Metrics, Giuliani's weak support in early states, etc.).

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