Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Polls Shmolls

Yea, this was to be expected. The negative media frame I wrote about last week has continued to persist, albeit with positive stories about Hillary sprinkled in for good measure and some negative spin on Obama (re: Why Winfrey Won't Help Obama - since removed from The Page) and Edwards (continuing coverage of his "anger").

The fact is, the entire national political press is flying blind. Leading up to Thanksgiving there were numerous polls political reporters could refer to in gaging the effect of past debates and high profile speeches. Now, with only the ABC poll out early last week (a poll which had actually been taken the week before but embargoed for a Monday release to attain maximum coverage for it's results) the political press has had no other public polls out of early key states to indicate in what direction things are moving. Until several polls suggest otherwise they will continue to run with the Obama as Iowa front runner story which isn't all bad for Hillary.

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