Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hillary Clinton Live in Iowa

Listening in now to her health care speech. She is hitting Obama VERY hard on the lack of an individual mandate, calling it essential to universal healthcare coverage.

Says Obama's lack of an individual mandate to attain universal coverage is a "betrayal of Democratic Party principles."

Hitting him again, comparing the health care fight, to the creation of social security and medicare. Says Obama is "giving up the fight" before it's even begun.

Mentions the point made here several days ago that even "Governor Shwarzenegger has a mandate in his health care plan."

Hillary recounts a recent interview when she was asked what, other than her family, does she most fear losing. She replied, "her health"...explains how precious our personal health is.

Is now introducing several guests who have been unable to attain coverage for pre-existing health care conditions.

...Radio Iowa has a more complete transcript of Hillary's remarks.

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