Saturday, November 10, 2007

Um, Fox

If you're going to run a story about the Clinton campaign for a second time being accused of planting a question, it might help if questions had actually been asked at the event in question or if the person making the accusation had actually gone ahead and asked the "planted" question. Neither, it seems actually happened:
    "I told Chris I had other issues I wanted to raise with Sen. Clinton," Mitchell said.

    Asked what those were, Mitchell said, "I wanted to ask her why she voted for the Iraq war and why she didn't consider that a mistake."
    Ultimately, Clinton took no questions from the crowd at the Fort Madison event that Mitchell attended. Elliethee said the campaign ran out of time to take questions.

    Mitchell told Fox News he is an Obama supporter but cannot participate in the Iowa caucus.

    Mitchell is a minister in Hamilton and said he was reluctant to come forward because of the scrutiny he and his congregation might receive."

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