Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh My...

The Krug-Man hits Obama hard on his deficient health care plan.
    What seems to have happened is that Mr. Obama’s caution, his reluctance to stake out a clearly partisan position, led him to propose a relatively weak, incomplete health care plan. Although he declared, in his speech announcing the plan, that “my plan begins by covering every American,” it didn’t — and he shied away from doing what was necessary to make his claim true.

    Now, in the effort to defend his plan’s weakness, he’s attacking his Democratic opponents from the right — and in so doing giving aid and comfort to the enemies of reform.
For the first time in weeks it looks like the Obama camp is taking some incoming fire from the media at large. Although the Halperins and Drudges of the world will all have their panties in a bunch waiting for some word on the Obama-Bloomberg meeting tomorrow this is still an important development. Anything that would put the brakes on Obama now could likely be fatal to his campaign. (Why this is eyebrow raising is hard to figure. Even if Obama won the nomination, would he really seriously consider asking a liberal from New York City to be his running mate? Me thinks not...)

...Oh and please Obama, do announce that Bloomy is your running mate. The presumptuousness of such an announcement would almost surely doom your candidacy. So go ahead, be my guest!

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