Friday, November 16, 2007

Yepsen gives the debate to Hillary

The funny things is, the "campaign miscues" from immigration, to the gender card to the "piling on" critique actually all were brought back in this debate and lead to responses from Hillary that worked in her favor. Not sure they qualify as campaign miscues, since they so perfectly set the stage for her comeback tonight.

As to Yepsen's strange point that an Edwards "fade" might boost Obama over her, I'd point him to this graph of polling trends in Iowa. It clearly shows that the candidate who has benefited the most from Edward's slide in Iowa from frontrunner to second or third has been Hillary. It's difficult to get a sense that Edwards might reset in these last weeks and show a side of himself that turns his trend line around - he's been campaigning in Iowa an awfully long time and a lot of voters are familiar with him. My sense is that a Biden or Dodd could prove a late spoiler which would only accelerate Edwards' decline.

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