Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Deep Thoughts

You read Obama over the years and he's a clear thinking, articulate guy, but he seems to fundamentally misunderstand the game of politics. He deeply resents the anger many liberals feel over congressman and senators who continually disappoint them on war votes, Supreme Court nominees, wire-tapping and the like. He reads the rhetoric on blogs and thinks the country must be falling apart (nevermind that partisan rhetoric is quite mild compared to what it was 100-150 years ago - but that's a discussion for another time). He didn't understand in his Kos blog from 2005 (linked above) and I fear still doesn't, that liberals still feel very much left out in the cold. What they are looking for is a champion of their views. They want a president who won't feel bad about recent political divisiveness, but will instead be motivated to reduce the right's power through legislation and skillful political maneuvering. They aren't looking for someone who is just a spokesman of loftly goals, but will instead finally provide some relief from Republican rule. Most of all, they're looking for someone who knows how to win.

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