Monday, November 19, 2007

Sigh of relief

Markie-Mark says there's finally some good news for Bush on Iraq...of course more American service men have died so far in 2007 than died in 2006 and if you read down a few paragraphs in the article there's this:
    To be sure, the level of violence in Iraq is still high. Even as military officials announced the figures, Iraq had one of its deadliest days in weeks, with at least 22 people killed. Among the killed were nine civilians in Karada, a mixed neighborhood in central Baghdad, when a car bomber rammed a convoy carrying Iraq’s deputy finance minister. The official was not hurt, but a guard was among the wounded.

    Also on Sunday, three children were killed and seven were wounded in Baquba, to the north, in an explosion in a small garden where American soldiers were handing out candy, ballpoint pens and soccer balls. Three American soldiers were also killed. Their names were not released.
And well, there's still only the skeleton of an Iraqi Army and a barely functioning government and...oh well, best not to burst Mark's bubble.

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